Financial Planning in Old Downtown Carrollton, TX

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Problem Solving: Sometimes, you may just have one or two specific questions or issues that you want to address, but you don't want a comprehensive plan.  We can help you with questions such as:


  • I just started a new job; which 401k investment options should I choose?  
  • We want a 2nd opinion on our investments.  
  • Does this investment make sense for us?
  • Which pension option is best for me? 

Our Services for Individuals & Families

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Strategic Planning

Depending on your situation and the help you want, we address some or all of the these items to help you understand your financial situation and have a roadmap for the future.  


  1. Financial Goal Planning - Based on your future spending goals, retirement ages, and planned saving, determine the probability that your be able to meet all of your spending goals throughout your lifetime without running out of money.  Develop and analyze alternatve scenarios and then select a scenario as the preferred plan going forward.  
  2. Investment Analysis - do your current investments support the planning assumptions we agreed upon in the preferred plan?
  3. Other planning components - depending on your current and planned financial situation, the following may be needed: 

We believe that individuals and families should approach managing their life journey much like a business: from the top down.  We start with a free, no obligation Get Acquainted Session (GA) that will last from 30 - 60 minutes.  The GA gives us the chance to understand your situation and you a chance to ask us any questions you may have.  At the end of the GA, we will provide you with a quoted price range for the services we jointly agree that we will provide, with our guarantee that we will not exceed the upper end of the range.  As a result, you know the most that the engagement will cost before you commit.  


In general, our services fall within three areas, and are applied to your situation as the situation warrants and you desire.  

Implementation Planning: Once you have a realistic plan in place that meets your life goals, we can give you the specific recommendations designed to get you there.  Here we give you the guidelines and specific action steps that you need to take to implement your plan.  This may include:


  • Specific Investment Recommendations
  • Steps to position your portfolio for withdrawal mode in retirement
  • Steps to take to ensure you have the necessary estate planning documents in place
  • Many others, depending on the situation
  • Income Tax Plan Review
  • Estate Plan Review
  • Insurance Review
  • College Saving and Funding Plan