Financial Planning in Old Downtown Carrollton, TX

Our Services for Businesses

Our clients often find that their financial planning needs vary tremendously depending on their stage of life, so let's look at our services based on whether you are early to mid-career, or close to or in retirement.

Retirement Plans: Whether you are just thinking about establishing a retirement plan for your business, want to review and improve the investment options within your current plan, or want to help your employees make smarter financial decisions when saving for their own retirement, GA Bishop and Associates, LLC can help.  We offer the following services, each designed to address one of these areas: 


  • Retirement Plan Selection Recommendation
  • Investment Options – Review and Recommendations
  • Sample Portfolios for Retirement Plans
  • Tactical Asset Allocation Subscription Service for Retirement Plans
  • Financial Investing Profile Session
  • Financial Seminars for Employees

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Asset Protection for Business Owners: All businesses face risk, which can be dealt with in one of four ways: it can be avoided, reduced, retained, or transferred to others.  One of the key needs for business owners is keeping these business risks from impacting their personal financial situation.  Improper planning and execution can have catastrophic consequences to a business owner and his or her family.  A comprehensive asset protection strategy must address not only protection of business assets, but also protection of personal assets from business risks.  We focus on two services in this area:

  • Ownership and Business Entity Review – review the personal risks associated with the chosen form of business entity and recommend steps that can reduce personal risk.  Also consider various alternatives for business ownership, such as Limited Liability Company, C Corporation, S Corporation, or partnership an what opportunities the particular ownership structure may present to you.  This analysis may also include opportunities for ownership structure changes to deal with future ownership sale or transfer. 
  • Insurance Review – for each risk that can be addressed by insurance, determine if insurance is appropriate for you and recommend a course of action.  These risks include premature death of a part-owner or owners and owner or key executive personal liability. 

Business Profitability: Glenn Bishop is a former Certified Management Accountant with significant profitability and cost management experience in manufacturing and services industries.  If your business is having trouble determining the true profitability of various products or services, Glenn may be able to help you conduct analyses and establish processes that will allow you to understand the true net profitability of these products.  Some of the services provided by GA Bishop and Associates in this area include:


  • Profitability Analysis
  • Identifying True Costs of Products and Processes
  • Developing and Communicating Key Performance Indicators
  • Process Improvement Initiatives